Monday, July 27, 2009

How it works

Here's how it's going to work:

On Monday, I will post my weekly meal plan which will start on Tuesdays. Yes, we will start our weekly meal plan on Tuesdays because I refuse to go to the grocery store with the rest of the world on the weekend, and on Mondays I clean the toilets--I refuse to add anything else to my chore plate if that's what I'm doing. :)

I will post my recipes daily as I complete them and will post a meal total at the bottom of each post (so you know I'm following through with my $5 goal). All of my totals are accurate, you can come and add it all up from my grocery receipts if you don't believe me (I have a stack of them by our desk). Remember, I try to buy on sale with a coupon and different places have different deals so we may not have the exact same totals on the meals--but they should be close.

I shop at a variety of different stores. I frequent Super Target, Walmart and Lowes Food Stores and will go to that many grocery stores a week if necessary to get us the best deals (yes, I do it all with my six month old, by the third store I may be ready to poke my eyes out but at least I'm saving us some dinero). I have to remind myself that we're going for "gazelle intensity" here and that's what keeps me going when I'm ready to just fork out the extra $ to avoid the travel (yes, I do keep in mind the gas it takes to go place to place, and if it's not worth it, I'll stick to one place).

Are you up for the challenge?


  1. I would love to take your challenge... We eat on a budget already, but we could always use some streamlining.

    Check my site out at

  2. Help Me Please! I've been trying to figure out this coupon thing for a while now. My family and I are really trying to get on the right track to begin saving some money! So, tired of feeling like everything earned is gone so quickly on things you need just to "live". Please teach me your secrets so that my family can live but also "Enjoy" living"