Friday, August 21, 2009

Frugal Friday: Money Saving Tips

I know that one thing that helps me with our money saving is finding and using tips from other wives/moms who are trying to make meals and life work on a tight budget so I thought that I'd go ahead and pass along some of the ideas I use in our daily life. So, on Friday's, I'll be posting tips that help us out. Do you have a frugal friday tip? Great! Post a "Frugal Friday" in your blog and in the comments section of my post, post a link to your POST (not your blog, just the post) so we can all enjoy your frugal tips! We'll be doing this every Friday so if you don't post today, post next week!

Frugal Friday Tip #1: (if you have room to stock your freezer) buy meat in bulk and separate it out yourself.

Why spend $8.00 over the course of several weeks on several 1lb packages of chicken thighs when you can spend $6.33 and get the same amount of meat in one big pack? I buy our chicken thighs, breasts, legs and ground beef in large packages and then split them up into serving portions on my own and freeze them like that. This helps save several dollars when thinking in the long term.

What's your Frugal Friday tip?

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