Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Little Introduction To The Challenge

As seminary wife and new stay at home mommy to my beautiful 6 month old little girl, I have come to a point in my life where money is a little tighter than usual. One night, I sat down to write out a meal plan and came to the realization that our old meals no longer fit our grocery budget. Stumped, I began to research and found that with a bit of coupon clipping and creativity, I could make all of our dinners for $5 dollars or less.

I thrive on challenge. The idea of trying to make all of our meals on that kind of a budget makes me grin with anticipation. I did, however, have to get my husband to go along with it so that I'd have some encouragement if I ever hit a wall. When I announced this decision to my husband, he looked at me and declared, "So, let me get this straight...all of our meals will only be $5?" To which I replied, (thank you, Dave Ramsey for the phrase) "Yes, honey, this means no steak for a while. Remember, we're doing this with gazelle intensity!" This is how I got him on board with the idea.

My goal: to make a meal plan every week according to what coupons we have and what deals are being offered so that every single dinner will be $5 or less. This means that, once divided out, our entire dinner portion of our grocery bill should average out to no more than $35 a week. I say it will average out because if, say, there is a huge sale on ground beef--I'll stock up on that and freeze it but then won't need to buy any on the other trips for a while.

My challenge is to make this work, and you're more than welcome to read along as I go. I'm keeping the blog to:

1. Keep myself accountable to the $5 or under dinner limit.

2. Keep all of my recipes in one convenient location that DOESN'T take up space in my tiny kitchen.

3. Allow others to share my experience and recipes and maybe share some of their own. Are you with me? I challenge YOU to take the $5 dinner challenge.

Do it for a week, you'll be addicted and will find it hard to make a meal over $5 ever again!

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