Monday, November 9, 2009

Frugal Friday: Money Saving Tips

Frugal Friday tip: know where to shop and when.

This week is my favorite week at Harris Teeter. It's their triple coupon week. That means any of my coupons worth 99 cents and under are tripled at checkout. This is the week that I stock up on things that I use a LOT in our house (baby wipes, cleaning products, flour, sugar, etc.). I start by sitting with my coupon book and pulling out all of the coupons under $1 and then look through them to determine the things I NEED and the things that can be stocked (I don't buy things that I don't need just because I get the triple coupon--for example, I had a coupon for ketchup that would have made the ketchup like .10, but right now we have a massive bottle in the fridge and don't have room to store another so it didn't make sense to get that even though there was a great deal).

I then make a grocery list based on the coupons I have (meaning, I go to the store with two lists- one with all of my coupon items and another with the other items I need for the week). I don't go until the baby is up from her long nap so that she's in good spirits the whole time--this is all part of the planning process because these trips are longer than my average grocery trips. We head out when she gets up, stop at sonic for my diet coke and then go to the grocery store. This week I tendered $37.18 in coupons. I made our family that money because the stuff we got with them is stuff we need in our household and would have to buy anyway, even if I need to get it full price.

A year ago, I never would have even tried to use coupons. The thought of it was too daunting. Now, I actually enjoy searching for the coupons and seeing my total drop as they scan them in at the store. It's amazing how much your mindset can change when you decide to live on a budget! What's your FF tip?

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